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Tct Universal Cutting Saw Blades


Basic Info.

Model NO.:300*30*3.2*72 ATB&TCGWarranty:10years
Material:Tungsten Carbide TippedCustomized:Customized
Application:Wood Saw MachinePackage:Cartoms
Origin:China (zhejiang)HS Code:820231000
Production Capacity:30000/Month

Product Description

Machine: Table saw
Application: Suitable for longitudinal & crosscutting like artificial panels,hard & soft wood, chipboard and plywood.

Technical information: alternate top bevel and triple chip tooth design.
Excellent to cut those wood or panels with impurities

Available size:

NO.NAMEOD*Bore*Thickness*Teeth  1 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)180*30*3.2*40T W2 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)180*30*3.2*60T W3 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)200*30*3.2*60T W4 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)230*30*3.2*60T W5 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)250*30*3.2*60T W6 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)250*30*3.2*80T TP7 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)250*30*3.2*80T W8 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*48T W9 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*60T W10 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*72T TP11 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*72T W12 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*96T TP13 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)300*30*3.2*96T W14 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*60T W15 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*72T TP16 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*72T W17 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*84T TP18 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*84T W19 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*108T TP20 Universal sawblades (K5 Type)350*30*3.5*108T W

Other size can be customized as your requirements.