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Tct Multi Ripping Saw Blades Without Rakers

Basic Info.

Model NO.:Dia. 255*50*2.5*30T WWarranty:10years
Material:Tungsten Carbide TippedCustomized:Customized
Application:Wood Saw MachinePackage:Box
Origin:China (Chengdu)Rakers:No
Arbor Hole:30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 75mmHS Code:82083100
Production Capacity:200000PCS/Month


Product Description

Ripping Sawblades (without scraper)
Machine: Multi-ripping machines
Materials: Soft and hard wood (Moisture content below fifteen percent)
Application: Sawblade for ripping
Tooth: Alternate top bevel tooth (W)
Packing: Customer requested
Productivity: 60000PCS/month
Origin: China
Export Markets: North America, South America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, etc.
Characteristics: Suitable for Multi-ripping machines, modeling saw. The special steel design avoids swing, and reduces material waste. 
Available size:

1 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)160*50*2.5/2.0*24T+3T 5*10 Double keyway
2 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)180*50*2.5/2.0*24T+3T 5*10 Double keyway
3 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)205*50*2.5/2.0*30T+3T 5*10 Double keyway
4 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)230*40*2.5/2.0*30T+3T 5*10 Double keyway
5 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)230*50*2.5/2.0*30T+3T 5*10 Double keyway
6 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)255*50*2.5/2.0*30T+4T 5*10 Double keyway
7 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)305*50*3.0/2.4*36T+4T 5*10 Double keyway
8 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)305*70*3.0/2.4*36T+4T 7*21 Double keyway
9 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)355*60*3.2/2.5*36T+4T 7*14 Double keyway
1 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)150*45*2.2/1.7*24T+3T 4*8 Double keyway
2 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)230*40*2.2/1.7*30T+3T 6*12 Double keyway
3 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)230*45*2.2/1.7*30T+3T 4*8 Double keyway
4 Ripping sawblades(K5 Type)405*60*3.4/2.7*36T+6T 6*12 Double keyway

Other specifications and sizes can be making by client's requests(samples and design).