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Large Hard Spherical Surface Grinding Technology And Equipment Through The Identification Of Results

Large hard CNC precision grinding technology is the West-East gas pipeline, coal, chemical, oil chemical industry, photovoltaic power generation, nuclear power and other major national energy engineering fluid and gas control device for core parts manufacturing key technologies.

Large high hardness after grinding spherical

Around the technology problem, subject group after has near seven years of research development, invention has for small specifications high hard spherical of set Center exhibition into swing type NC precision grinding new process method and for large high hard spherical of vertical Yang type NC precision grinding new process method, research development out related of equipment, these new process method and equipment in Beijing, and Shanghai, and Jiangsu, and Zhejiang, provinces more than enterprise application, produced has good of economic and social benefits.

Appraisal in Qian xuesen Library Lecture Hall, Identification Commission by the Huazhong University of science, Dalian University of technology, Nanjing Aeronautics and Astronautics University, Huaqiao University, academician, Professor and Chief Engineer of the enterprise and other experts. Introduction of the research group of the expert group have listened carefully to, detailed review of the technical data, to check the actual operation.