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Joint Exhibition On China's Three Grinding Time

Recently, the China Automotive Industry International Corporation and Zhengzhou Institute of abrasive grinding signed an agreement, decided October 2011 12-14th in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre jointly organized the first China (Zhengzhou) international exhibition of abrasive grinding ("exhibition on China's three mill"). Both invite the Zhengzhou municipal people's Government jointly organized this exhibition.

Abrasives are known as "industrial teeth," said, not only with the equipment manufacturing, aerospace, shipbuilding, energy, automotive, home appliances, electronics and information industry, and it has permeated every aspect of people's lives. In developed countries, the superhard materials are widely used in high-end abrasive and high-end cutting tools, realize energy saving and environmental protection, emission reduction efficiency and sustainable development. National ten major industry restructuring and revitalization plan, newly released decision on Quicken the development of seven strategic industries, grinding cutting tools of modern high-end manufacturing and technology development put forward higher requirements. National related ministries have to complete industry research, at the national "Twelve-Five" clear of superhard material industry development planning policies.

Is a abrasive manufacturer and exporter in China, ordinary abrasives and super hard materials, respectively 60% and 90% per cent of global output, while Henan province super hard material production accounts for Thompson over 80%. Zhengzhou is the birthplace of superhard material industry of our country and communities, industry, human resources, research and development, technology, information management and a series of industry, market and industry services advantages Zhengzhou policy advantages, locational advantages, exhibition conditions provide good external environment for the exhibition successfully held.

Agreed the exhibition will also be held concurrently superhard material technology development forum, a series of activities, increase exhibition content, improve event visibility. Show "high, new, special" products and hold a series of activities, for the abrasives industry at home and abroad "production, study and research," integration and development platform for investment, trade and information exchange channels to promote domestic manufacturing technology upgrades and product replacement. Organizers will strengthen cooperation, to create "Asia, world-class" abrasive grinding industry event.