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Japan Tokyo Promote Chinese Three Grinding Machine Tool Show Show

November 2012 1-6th, JIMTOF2012 held at the Tokyo International Exhibition Center. A&G EXPO 2013 (China three mill exhibition) of three home hosted units--China car industrial international cooperation Corporation, and China machine tool industrial association super hard material branch and abrasive Abrasives branch joint group visit has the exhibition, and focus publicity promotion has will in November 15, 2013 opening of China (Zhengzhou) International abrasive Abrasives grinding exhibition, during Super hard material branch also and Japan Diamond Association held has talks.

The visit led by Secretary General Li Zhihong, superhard materials, line 17. Group of enterprises: Wald superabrasive tool co, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Acer grinding technology, Ltd, Qingdao sisha Taib grinding limited, Henan province Huifeng diamond, Ltd, Wuhan Wan bang laser diamond tools co, Edward R. Pressman, Hebei Diamond technology co., Ltd. In addition to visiting the exhibition, a representative of these enterprises and Japan's trading partners face to face communication, enhance mutual trust and expand the business.