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Homemade Super Hard Material Cutting Tool Breakthrough

Recently, undertaken jointly by the Zhuzhou cemented carbide cutting tools company and other units, "research and development of superhard material cutting tools" acceptance without a subject.

Combining the characteristics of superhard material cutting tools in the subject, independent research and development of pluralistic and TiB2 ultrafine cemented carbide matrix ceramic tool material, Superfine powder dispersion technology and mechanism of reinforced toughened of ceramics tool innovation. Subjects were 8 patents (including 6 invention patents) obtained 4 patents; the development of new products, new processes, new devices 12.

Through subject of implementation, master has super fine powder body dispersed technology, and Super fine powder suppressed technology, and burn Crystal grain grew up inhibit technology, and super hard tool welding and edged mill technology, and multiple more scale Nano composite ceramic tool material preparation, related key technology, development has two species Super fine carbide tool material grades, and three species super hard tool material grades and three species ceramic tool material grades, achieved has products engineering of, and in aviation space, and car, and energy equipment, and heavy mechanical, industry get application.