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Diamond Resin Grinding Wheel Cleaning And Installation Method

Diamond grinding wheel must be checked carefully before the installation and identification. Check the identification of steps to:

1, check for proper wheel brand, meets all performance, selection of diamond grinding wheel shape and size.

2, inspection and identification of grinding cracks. Hand wheel with wooden hammers tap grinding wheel to hear their voices, tinkling sound of grinding wheel no crack, cracked wheels hoarseness, which cannot be used

3, check the differential wheel appearance and structure. Eye observation wheel appearance is damaged (or cracked). Skin injury (or crack) the wheel cannot be used. Also requires both ends of the grinding wheel surface is flat, without obvious skew.

Cleaning method:

You want to use in the production process of diamond grinding wheel in the grinding belt. Grinding wheel 5-7 is going to remove the cleaning operation.

(There is grinding down of rubber debris, after high temperature friction tightly attached to the surface of silicon carbide, difficult to clean)

Now we use acetone-soaked for 2 hours, and then use the import cleanser, the effect is very good, but not environmentally friendly.

Cleaning requirements:

1, can not damage the diamond grinding wheel

2, environmental protection, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons cannot be is not included.