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China Supplier SALI Abrasive Cloth Roll

Basic Info

Name:Abrasive ClothOrigin:China

Our production capacity has achieved 5000000spuare meters every year. We handle a great variety of products, which would be classified into three categories: Hard Cloth backing, Soft Cloth backing and Paper backing.

One of the cloth backing includes: Synthetic polyester cloth, blending cloth and cotton cloth varieties of backing including: Heavy(H), Medium-sized(J), and Light(L).

Soft cloth including: Abrasive belt and Cloth-tearing
Abasive paper available on E, F backing.
All the above-mentioned goods are produced wiht the grain: Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide.

The Model No. We can supply is as below:
DYC100, BYC95, BXC56, BXK56, GYK61, GYRA56, GYRC56, GXK56, GXC56, LX62, BJRA53, GJR41, ZLK881, ZLK771, BXK53, BXC51, GXK51.
Note: Both supply and demand parties can consult the other specifications.

Product Description