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Application Analysis Of Abrasive Military-industrial

The characteristics of China's defense industry

2013, China defense budget more last year upgrade 10.7%, continuous 3 years keep compared growth 10% above of speed, defense budget first clear has: "promoted defense and army construction science development, speed up change fighting generated mode of need, appropriate increased high-tech weapons equipment and supporting facilities of construction input" of using direction, since 2011 yilai, a batch advanced of weapons equipment constantly was active exposure, show has China defense industrial construction of confidence. The successful test flight of the f-20, f-31, Chang ' e first manned spacecraft was successfully launched, the success of China's first aircraft carrier sailing show that China's national defense industry will no longer be working forward, but swagger to show muscle in the world.

Although, early in 2008, China's defense white paper, made it clear that support military enterprises listed as a whole, promote the rapid development of military enterprises. But, in fact, until 2012, the joint-stock system reform of China's military enterprises to implement interim measures announced through publication, military industrial enterprises, reorganization was quickly put on the agenda, more and more capital to the military enterprise, brought a period of rapid development for the development of military enterprises.

Meanwhile, development of the defense industry is not always positive correlation with macro-economic, political and military structure are the main factors influencing industrial development. Since 2011, along with the growing tension in the international situation, in the East China Sea, the South China Sea has become increasingly prominent, caused when the military sector in the overall economy remains in the doldrums, also kept a higher profile, but China's defense budget doubled, beyond the growth of GDP in the same period.

The direction of China's national defense construction

On April 16, the information Office of the State Council published a document entitled diversification of China's armed forces of using "2013 defense white paper", and the second part "the construction and development of the armed forces" for us and future development direction of China's defense industry:

Express request of the air force: "the development of a new generation of combat aircraft, new advanced weaponry such as surface-to-air missile and new radar, improving early warning, command and communications network and improve strategic surveillance, deterrence and long-range air strike capability. "Of task; Navy aspects not only highlight has China carrier construction of focus, also showed that has China to improve offshore mobile combat, and offshore cooperation and should non-traditional security threat capacity, enhanced strategy deterrence and counter capacity of determination; army aspects stressed has information combat and remote assault combat capacity; and artillery forces of first disclosure, not only clear has its" take curb others on China using nuclear weapons, and was line nuclear counter "of task, also showed that has China will in nuclear industrial construction aspects, will has further of action.

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