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Analysis: Tools And Actively Participate In International Competitive Strategy

Engine is the heart of the automobile, its parts manufacturing technology level is generally higher than other car parts. Coated cutting tools, ceramic knives, super hard tool and other advanced tools in the engine was widely used in the manufacturing process. China's auto production line (especially in sedan production line) is mostly imported from abroad, in the operation of the production line are mainly imported cutter, cutting the amount recommended by foreign values. These tool sets new materials, new processes, cutting, surface treatment, such as the advanced technology in one, has the characteristics of high performance, long life, high reliability, advanced level basically represents a modern tool. Due to tool production enterprises in China for a long time mainly for trucks, tractors and other manufacturing industries, car manufacturing industry, tools with low skills. Therefore, the domestic cutting tool manufacturer to compete in both the domestic and international markets, and enhance the overall technical level of enterprises is very important.

Technology development trend of automobile engine manufacturing and tool applications

Development trend of automotive engine manufacturing technology

The new engine production line in manufacturing technology has three obvious trends:

High speed

Basic requirements to achieve high speed machining is: ① uses to achieve its high speed machine tool spindle; use high precision, high rigidity with power chucks HSK toolholder; using coated carbide, Cermet, ceramics, CBN, PCD and other advanced tools.


Flexibility is one of the development trend of engine manufacturing. In the traditional line of local stations with CNC machining centers to achieve flexible manufacturing line known as the flexible line (FTL), Japan plants to use more. With special machining centers, flexible manufacturing system is mainly composed of used cylinder head and cylinder block machining. From the perspective of production can be achieved from a traditional FMS systems started production with an annual output of 50,000 to 200,000 traditional line production years.

High efficiency

From the Japan Automobile manufacturing point of view, every 5 years to improve cutting efficiency 28%, including cutting speed by an average of 19%, feed 8% on average, increases cutting efficiency in recent years above 30%. Currently manufacture major parts of the engine cycle time has been shortened to 30-40 seconds, more than more than 10 years ago by 50%. For example, with high speed machining centers, milling of grey cast iron cylinder block of material, cutting speed can reach V=700~1500m/min, tool-using CBN blade. When milling aluminum alloy cylinder block and cylinder head, the widespread adoption of PCD cutting tool, taking into account the high speed rotation produces a large centrifugal force, so the tool body is made of high strength aluminum alloy materials.

In short, one obvious trend is the use of high speed machining in manufacturing of engine technology to improve efficiency, shorten lead times, reduce production costs, improve, Che.