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Abrasives Market "chaos"

Most companies say business is slow

In these markets the visit, the mill network reporter most frequently heard Word is the same that "business is slow,", the words seemed like the abrasives market this spring the best "word".

However, in a few markets, Tsui Park hardware business is relatively good. Grinding business network reporter learned that, because most merchant storefronts is dominated by retail sales at the end of last year, so come to the wholesale business is less, and a little better in the first quarter of this year. Reporters saw the head of the stores are busy packing boxes, ready to send the goods to the customer.

But a lot of stores are few after all, even if the store personnel in the shipping, so it was basically just "old customers eating the food", by previous customers to stay in business, new customers are few.

Abrasives markets Word:

Grinding business network reporter found that local relative concentration of abrasive store in the market is more scattered layout. Huancui Park hardware wholesale market and students from Grand metals markets had taken a long time, has set up more than 10 years, so the relative yongfeng hardware city has certain advantages, including abrasive store is basically a dozen 20. Yongfeng hardware city seem less glamorous, most stores are not rented out, and the investment will mainly be rented to some logistics companies as a warehouse, only kuani abrasive store on market "stand out". Yanxiansheng, head of the store told reporters that he chose well, mainly because the store rent is relatively cheap here, while maintaining close to good old customer relationships.

Mr yan said today business is very difficult, like sandpaper, small cut chip profits minimal, while the wheel is relatively good. He blunt, today abrasive Abrasives products with quality of phenomenon more serious, products price too transparent of, 123 level market agent distribution of price no level can statements, basically are is a price, many subordinate store are directly "leapfrog" find manufacturers took goods, and manufacturers to more earned is also regardless of market order, to manufacturers direct of price sold other distribution store, such on caused agents almost no Lee can earned.