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Abrasives Businesses Into The 18th (Beijing) China International Stone And Stone Technology And Equipment Exhibition New Force

This exhibition scale up 75000 square meters, gathered has more than 800 more than both at home and abroad stone and the related enterprise, exhibition units involves stone processing of Shang, and in the, and downstream multiple level; abrasive Abrasives exhibition enterprise near hundreds of, except production diamond rope saw, and line saw, and with saw, and grinding polishing tool, and stone processing directly related tool of enterprise outside, production abrasive, and polishing powder, and making diamond tool mechanical and the equipment of enterprise also occupy has abrasive Abrasives Enterprise General exhibition volume of many f share.

The exhibition, milling Enterprise exhibition of abrasives in the stone processing of new products, new processes become the magic weapon to catch the eye of exhibitors, attracting many exhibitors stone stopped to watch. One of exhibitors told reporters: diamond tools in processing stone particularly high-grade stone has high efficiency, good quality, pollution-free and so on, is really green and low-carbon, this time we came to collect the stone processing tools the new progress and new trend of information, procurement of reference for our future.

It is understood that, with the implementation of national Twelve-Five planning, energy-saving emission reduction and new trends in technological innovation become the field of stone processing and abrasive diamond tools for stone cutting in particular has incomparable advantages, are increasingly favored by the stone. Participate in this times exhibition of Aetna Steel Institute, and Fujian million Dragon, and Zhengzhou Anwar, and black cyclone saw industry, and Hebei star Shuo saw industry, enterprise also have said: in recent years, building stone industry high-speed development, only to Beijing for cases, stone consumption on to annual 20% of speed increments, this makes stone processing tool production enterprise of orders volume surged, industry faced with huge of development opportunities.

This exhibition, China network reporter tracking reports of superhard materials exhibition trends, and industry visited the exhibition to them free of charge, the super-hard materials in China, the abrasive communications and the diamond and abrasive Engineering magazine, and exhibitors, industry development had communication with them. Business representatives said: you can see from this exhibition, Abrasives Industries, particularly the growing of superhard material industry, in terms of intensive technological innovation, industrial scale, enterprise fast growth in product applications are playing an increasingly important role, has gradually become an indispensable force in manufacturing and processing field.