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2015 Economic Operation Analysis Of The First Three Quarters Of The Abrasives Industry

2015 1 September, the volatile international economic situation, sluggish economic growth in the world's major economies, increasing downward pressure on the economy of China. Central Government adhere to the stability in the keynote, "the stabilization in the economy slow, to good stability, structural adjustment, actively promote energy power continue to increase." According to the statistics of GDP growth in the first three quarters of 6.9%, within the national economic development goals. Economic structure is more reasonable and healthy economic growth.

From the perspective of industry, 1-June abrasive tools production stable, 7-September under the influence of international and domestic market demand, Europe, general holidays, many companies reduce inventory, production and sales drop significantly, overcapacity, oversupply problems there is no big change, intense price competition, product sales prices, production and sales of much higher costs, a sharp drop in profits. In this situation, the production, running at half capacity, increased indirect production enterprises, enterprises production, take advantage of this favorable opportunity to enterprise upgrading, development of new products, in the branding efforts, and to adapt to the needs of the high-end market, expanding the high-end market share, industry breakthroughs are poised.