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Abrasive Aluminum Oxide Cast Iron Cutting Discs

Abrasive Aluminum Oxide Cast Iron Cutting Discs

high-quality aluminum oxide grains excellent durability and sharpness fast cut specially developed for all metal and stainless steel high performance

Product Details

Abrasive Aluminum Oxide Cast Iron Cutting Discs

Abrasive TypeA- Aluminum oxideZA-Zirconium aluminum grain/
Aluminum oxide
C-Silicon CarbideAC-Aluminum oxide/Silicon Carbide
Z-Zirconium aluminum grainWA-White aluminum oxide
Grit Size16-24 coarseStructure0-3 tight
30-60 medium4-7 medium
70-220 fine8-14 open
BondBF-Phenolic resin
HardnessD-L soft
M-N medium
P-S hard
T-Y very hard



 1)High-quality Aluminium Oxide grains

 2)Excellent durability and sharpness

 3)For all types of metal material

 4)High security

 5)Good quality and cost-efficient

 6)High performance Fiberglass mesh, front and back

 7)MPA and EN12413 approval

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